So you have just purchased a new vehicle and I am sure automatically your thinking, "This thing is perfect, it's brand new!" This is unfortunately the furthest thing from the truth. The vehicle before getting into your hands has already had an exciting journey that more than likely included contaminated rain/water, improper touching/rubbing, and all sorts of environmental fall out.

We have coached many clients on taking delivery of their new vehicle and always insist they ask the dealership to not prep or wash or really even touch the car. Often times dealerships are not the most careful in handling and properly touching the vehicle and will often times cause paint defects and swirls that will require paint correction to fully remove them.

Once we get a new vehicle in we safely wash it, thoroughly decontaminate it, and then protect it with either a sealant or a ceramic coating. The interior is full cleaned and protected. The plastics are protected with a product that will help block the UV rays. Carpets, fabrics, and leathers are coated with a ceramic coating from CQuartz that will help create a easily cleaned and hydrophobic surface.

New Car Prep

2 Bucket Wash Method

Iron-X (removes imdedded iron contaminents)

High Grade Paint Sealant or Coating

Wheel Cleaning

Sealant Applied to Wheels

Clean & Dress Trim

Clean & Dress Tires

CQuartz Glass Coating Applied to windshield

Streak-free glass

Vacuuming of Interior

Interior Surfaces Wiped Down and Protected

Fabrics Coated for Stain Protection with CQuartz Fabric

Leather Coated with CQuartz Leather

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This would be the ideal time to add a ceramic coating, such as C.Quartz, to your vehicle to protect your vehicle for years to come. Ask us how!