Nano technology has changed the way that we can protect our vehicles. Ceramic coatings offer a super hard barrier between your vehicles paint and the environment. Harder than your factory clear coat, these coatings offer superior scratch resistance, extreme uv protection, anti cling properties which keep the vehicle cleaner longer, and resistant to environmental fall out such as bird droppings, tree sap, bugs, and tar. While offering extreme protection, these coatings are long wearing, lasting anywhere between 2 and 5+ years, backed with a warranty! These coatings can be applied to glass, wheels, paint, plastic, leather and fabric.

Proper paint preparation is essential to ensure proper adhesion of the coating to the vehicle. As this is a semi permanent application the paint needs to be in as proper shape as possible. Polishing of the paint is highly advised before any coating is applied to the vehicle. Any swirls or paint imperfections left untouched before the coating is applied will remain until the coating is removed and the defect is fixed.

The AutoSpa is the only shop in the state to be approved to apply C.Quartz Finest. From our own testing we have found CQuartz Finest to be the best coatings available on the market. We also install CQuartzUK and CQuartz Classic. All offer excellent protection from the environment and amazing water shedding abilities, however they are not the same. We encourage you to look into both to see which is the best fit for your application, if you are unsure, please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss the benefits of both.

This nano technology can be carried throughout the vehicle. There are specific products for your wheels and trim, glass, and also textile protection as well. Interested in keeping the vehicle stain free while also making the dirt stay on the surface? Ask us about interior coating for leather and fabrics.