Clear Bra FAQs

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Q: What is Clear Bra?

A: Clear bra or Paint protection film (PPF) is a film that is applied to your vehicle to help absorb impacts and rock chips. Often clear or matted, there are now options available of colored PPF.

Q: Does Clear Bra go by another name?

A: Clear bra is paint protection film or PPF.

Q: How long does Clear Bra last?

A: Most quality PPF on the market is going to have a 10 year manufacturer warranty with the film. The film is installed to take the abuse your paint would normally. Depending on how you use the vehicle will depend on how it holds up. Daily drivers I typically suggest around the 5-6 year mark in replacing film.

Q: What parts of my car need Clear Bra the most?

A: The front end is where the majority of impacts will happen. Our most popular install is a full hood, full fender, headlights, front bumper, mirror caps and door cups. This allows for an invisible install of the front end, with no partial line on the hood and fenders.
Other popular clear bra locations have been door sills, rear bumper shelfs, black gloss B pillar trim, rockers, and wide hipped vehicles.

Q: Does Clear Bra need any special maintenance?

A: Treat this like you would your paint, safely wash and maintain. We suggest a ceramic sealant or ceramic coating to help maintain and make the clear bra easy to wash - along with the paint that doesn't have clear bra

Q: What are some benefits of adding Clear Bra to my car?

A: There are many benefits to Clear Bra. Some are: protection of your paint, longer lasting paint, adds value to your vehicle, and prevents the need for paint maintenance. It keeps your car looking better for much longer.