Clear Bra FAQs

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Q: What is Clear Bra?

A: It is a transparent, practically invisible layer of paint protection. It is made of urethane and is a film that covers and protects your car.

Q: Does Clear Bra go by another name?

A: Clear Bra is also called Paint Protection Film.

Q: How long does Clear Bra last?

A: Clear Bra normally lasts around ten years. It can be taken off and replaced at any time.

Q: What parts of my car need Clear Bra the most?

A: The places on your car that pull up the most road debris are the places on your vehicle that need Clear Bra the most. It also depends on the road conditions that you tend to drive on. The front of your car tends to be the place that gets the brunt of the road debris.

Q: Does Clear Bra need any special maintenance?

A: Clear Bra is durable and doesn't need anything outside of your normal car wash.

Q: What are some benefits of adding Clear Bra to my car?

A: There are many benefits to Clear Bra. Some are: protection of your paint, longer lasting paint, adds value to your vehicle, and prevents the need for paint maintenance. It keeps your car looking better for much longer.